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Press Release - Flying Buttress now sold on TheFancy.com


Reina Smyth, President

Oh Well Design, LLC

Phone: 213.321.2889




Flying Buttress to sell on TheFancy.com


Starting on November 1, 2012, Flying Buttress will be a featured brand on TheFancy.com. The product featured on their site are Booie Bag Gift Pack, Birdie Bag Gift pack, Tommie Tote Gift Pack, Techie Sleeve Gift Pack and Yummie Lunch Bag Gift Pack. Each Gift Pack comes with the white Mona Lisa Panel, a fabric pen with which to decorate it, and the magenta sequin Kimberley panel. There will also be an offer available for customers that ‘fancy’ any product from www.myflyingbuttress.com. Julie Quinnan, the designer for Flying Buttress, states “Since the Gift Packs provide two different looks in one gift, they take the guessing game out of tween gift giving.”


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Flying Buttress is a handbag line focused on an approach that encourages imagination, sustainability and individual expression. For more information on Flying Buttress, please visit www.myflyingbuttress.com or www.facebook.com/flyingbuttressbags. You can also contact us at info@myflyingbuttress.com or at 213.321.2889.If you would like to create a Fancy account, visit www.thefancy.com