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Flying Buttress girls bags included in Huffington Post's best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for kids guide

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We are so excited to be included in "Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016: All the Best Deals for Kids" from Huffington Post. Our Party Packs will have huge discounts next weekend so don't miss out!

We have created Party Packs so that a tween can invite her four best friends over to party when winter doldrums sets in. They include five handbags and five white panels with fabric markers - allowing kids to personalize and wear their art.

Party hard-y with tips from Flying Buttress Girls' Bags

Who doesn’t love a fun party? However, throwing a party can be pretty stressful. I have recently discovered that Pinterest takes away A LOT of that stress. I have been gathering some ideas on my Pinterest board for the last few months and here are a few of my favorite ideas:- Pamper party: what girl [...]

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