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Behind the Scenes - Get to know the founders of Flying Buttress girls bags

Julie Quinnan and Reina Smyth have known each other since the first week of college at the University of Southern California. They were roommates for several years during and after college. Julie graduated with an Architecture  Degree and Reina with a BS in Business Administration. Now Julie lives with her husband and two sons in California [...]

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Mixing it Up

Suggestions for how to mix up your Flying Buttress panels on the Tommie Tote or Booie Bag.One of my favorite trends this Spring is to ‘mix-it-up’ and pair different patterns together. Avery panel Zoe Panel Fuchsia Mona Lisa panel

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10 Pinners to Start Following Now

With Facebook, Twitter and all of the other social media sites out there, sometimes it is hard to sort through all of the clutter. That is why I have put together a list of my favorite people to follow on Pinterest. Cool Mom Picks will always show you the newest and the greatest gadgets and trends [...]

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